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There has never been a better time to sell your unwanted electronic parts! Current reports indicate that the semiconductor industry has more than $6 billion worth of excess inventory, and that in many cases, the cost to dispose of obsolete components at the plant is higher than the value of the inventory itself. Additionally, the disappearing demand phenomenon of 2001 left warehouse shelves bursting with a glut of components. We will purchase outright or accept consignment of your excess electronic inventory and components. Submit a Request for Quote for all your manufacturing overruns, warehouse liquidations, and overstocks, or simply give us a call!!!

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Whether you want off-load a few palettes or empty an entire warehouse, Semiconductor Liquidation Services has the ability to offer you the most for your components! Our customers report earning far better returns on their materials than expected. If you have been considering conducting a liquidation sale, auctioning off excess goods, or simply disposing of unwanted inventory, call us first!! We take great pride in our lightning fast purchasing of nearly all semiconductor devices! Having served the industry for over 30 years, we have an exemplary understanding of all potential transactions and the financial strength to back them up.

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Semiconductor Liquidation Services is committed to providing the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, honesty, superior service - and - the very highest ethical standards in helping our clients achieve their liquidation goals. Our reputation for offering outstanding customer service, building strong client relationships, and consistently making higher offers than our competitors means you can feel secure about all aspects of the liquidation process. Our highly trained purchasing staff is just a phone call away, and ready to assist you with your excess inventory. Our longstanding commitment to the semiconductor industry and our special interest in obsolete and discontinued parts have enabled us to create profitable partnerships with both manufacturers and distributors who are looking to clear away old electronic materials.


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