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Semiconductor Liquidation Services
135 Kings Road,
Madison, NJ 07940

Phone: (973) 377-3500
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Semiconductor Liquidation Services

Surplus Goods


Shelves of Surplus Parts

Semiconductor Liquidation Services is interested primarily in discrete semiconductors, but will purchase outright or accept consignment on nearly all electronic components. If you have excess materials that you are looking to be rid of, Let us know the part numbers and quantities. We will make a quick, reasonable offer for the entire lot quantity, and will aim to be flexible in all our negotiations. If you have concerns about transportation or disposal of your items, we will be happy to set your mind at ease, and can make all the necessary arrangements at a moment's notice. Clear off those warehouse shelves and turn your problem parts into extra income!

Our longstanding position within the electronic components industry has given us strong financial resources with which to back up any transaction. This means that we not only tend to purchase parts that other liquidators turn down, but also that we offer the best prices for unwanted parts! SLS can provide assistance with in-house management and planning issues, helping to evaluate, design, and finally implement efficient and profitable electronics liquidation. We want to help you achieve corporate asset management goals as soon as possible! Why let these devalued parts sit on shelves where they waste space, increase operating costs, are subject to damage, may further depreciate in value? Call SLS Today!


Over the years, SLS has worked with many large scale manufacturers and distributors, aleviating the hassles and headaches of undesired inventory. For some of these companies, we've become an indespensable part of their overall business plan. The solutions we offer are second to none for reducing warehouse overhead and improving the bottom line: by clearing out obsolete and discontinued materials - making room for the future. If you would like to find out how Semiconductor Liquidation Services can make your business enterprise more profitable, Contact Us today!. We are consistently fair dealing, with quality personnel, reputable practices, and custom tailored solutions to fit your liquidation needs.


We will gladly accept any unused skids, palettes, boxes, or bags of semiconductors, even if they are unidentified. We do ask that all components being offered for consignment be new, unused, and not programmed beyond their original factory conditioning. Under most circumstances, we will remove materials from your facilities free of charge, and in a timely and organized fashion.


Test Equipment

We are also interested in obtaining your old test equipment and supplies, which can be included with electronic inventory purchases. Some of the items we are looking for include:

Branding / Laser Labelling Equipment
Lead Straighteners
Power Meters
Power Supplies
And many others...

If you want us to make you an offer on this type of test equipment, Call Us Today!